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Delivering Business Intelligence tools

we offer expertise in building data science solutions. Data is valuable resource organizations have, but make the most of it they need specialized software able to unlock insights from large data sets. This is where we come in. We built data science solutions such as analytical reports, dashboards, and Business Intelligence tools that help our clients implement data-driven decision-making.

Professional software and tools offer various prominent benefits, here we will focus on the most invaluable ones:

  • They bring together all relevant data
  • Their true self-service analytics approaches unlock data access
  • Users can take advantage of predictions
  • They eliminate manual tasks
  • They reduce business costs
  • They’re constantly at your service, 24/7/365

We Provide IT Services

These are list of services we provide for you choose what suits with you company culture.

Software Development

We design and develop advanced websites and corporate systems used by enterprises to automate tasks and provide access to resources on the go thanks to the cloud technologies. 

Digital Marketing

we are a dynamic, versatile and full-service digital marketing agency that doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors to attract new clients. Instead, Thrive trusts its own search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing skills to drive new customers to our website

Ready Made Management Systems

Our implementation specialists will work with your IT team to establish detailed software deployment objectives and timelines, covering configuration, testing, project governance, troubleshooting and more.


we provide a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management using our platforms

IT Security

Our thorough threat audits help us identify your software infrastructure’s most pressing vulnerabilities, allowing us to integrate the encryptions, security services and access protocols you require.

Business Intelligence tools

Ensuring all business processes are under control is getting harder each year since the massive volumes of data challenge businesses of all sizes. Ultimately, organizations and companies need certain help when it comes to making sustainable and profitable decisions.

How it Works

Our agile, end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) model covers everything from conceptualization, concurrent front- and back-end coding, deployment, QA and more.


At this stage, we gather information and brainstorm in order to determine what exactly the requirements are. 


The project team identify technical requirements, testing terms, and decide on a technology stack. This is also when we start sprint planning or break down large tasks into more actionable steps.

Designing and Prototyping

We start designing what the software will look like and how it will function. Because functionality and flow should be at most important from the start.


write program code in the suitable programming language. Then our programmers conduct trials in order to detect errors and fix them until they’re error-free.

Testing and Integration

Testing team will use various test cases to have the software debug to ensure optimal functioning and  deploy the software after.


After the software is installed on the clients’ systems or devices. The programmers will carry out periodic maintenance in order to ensure programs can run smoothly and keep up with other apps of the same use overtime.


Happy Clients


Projects Done


Days Of Work

We Consult to Get Business Plan

We provide our clients with advice for managing their software systems and architectures, building custom solutions, or driving innovation. The primary aim of consultancy services is taking the business to the next level by optimizing analytics, processes, and workflows with specialized software solutions.


Our Strength is Cross Boundary Teamwork Done.

A cross-boundary team creates a unique working environment. For example, in our company, it is the interplay of diverse skill sets that make a management system happen. Creating a management system involves the integration of management skills to assess the client needs and expectations. If the client has an idea, then that idea needs to be transformed into business logic. Then the business logic is translated into a technical solution with the help of a suitable platform like iOS or Android. It involves software engineers and developers collaborating with the business analysts and other experts. Another element is the creative aspect of integrating designs that engage users. Here UI/UX designers visualize the look and feel of the app.


Brainstorming, Researching, Planning and Strategizing Work

The brainstorming process focuses on gathering as many ideas as possible. The four brainstorming rules are:

  • Focus on quantity
  • Withhold criticism
  • Welcome unusual ideas
  • Combine and improve ideas
  • Planning and Strategizing Work
    After brainstorming all the ideas will be collected and organized then we will start strategizing how the organized ideas will be implemented 

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